One of the single greatest points of failures for organizations, regardless of project type, organization type or overall goals, is the organizations lack of communications, communications planning, alignment and distribution of information.

By focusing your efforts on the following steps you can create a useful and actionable communications plan for your organization.

Define Your Audience/Stakeholder Groups
Who are you trying to reach?
How many and how varied are your stakeholder groups?

Understand Your Audience Needs
What do they need to know?
When do they need to know it?
What is the best method for it to be received by a particular audience?
How will you know your communications were successful?

Draft a Strategy
What are the messages that will resonate with your audience?
What channels will you use and in what order?
When is the best time to communicate each message?
What will be the measure of success?

Create an implementation plan
Who on your team will be responsible for each aspect of the communications strategy?
When should they start preparing?
What tools will you use?
What can be done in advance to make sure the plan is executed?

Once you’ve figured out your strategy and put it into place, measure its effectiveness.

Are people hearing what you want them to hear? If not, why not? What do you need to change?

In order to create a successful communications plan for a nonprofit organization, charity or internal organization focus on clearly defining the stakeholder groups that will be impacted be the information. In doing this you can determine how best to communicate with that audience.

This process can be challenging, but by following these step-by-step guidelines, you will be well on your way to creating a communications plan that works to improve a spectrum of challenges facing businesses from team growth and organizational transformation to individual satisfaction and motivation and so much more.

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