Crafting Seamless Customer Communications: The Intersection of Website Setup and Email Deliverability

No Spam Please
In the digital world, your online presence is often the first way a potential customer gets to know you. A cornerstone of this presence is your ability to communicate effectively with customers at every touchpoint. This means that your design and functionality of your website are optimal and that emails sent from your site—whether they are order confirmations, newsletters, or support responses—reach your customers’ inboxes reliably.

Website Setup
Your website is more than a digital storefront; it’s a communication hub. Every page should be designed with customer engagement in mind. This includes clear and easily accessible contact information, intuitive navigation, and prompts for customers to sign up for newsletters or updates. For small businesses, setting up your website to encourage these interactions is the first step towards building a lasting relationship with your customers.

Email Communications
Emails that your website sends are vital for maintaining customer relationships. They are the lifeline that connects your business to your customers beyond the initial point of sale or inquiry. However, these communications are only effective if they reach the intended recipient. This is where email deliverability comes into play. Email deliverability refers to the ability of your emails, especially those automatically sent from your website, to reach the customer’s inbox without being flagged as spam. Think contact page responses, appointment scheduling or embedded nurture campaigns to name a few.

Essentials for Email Deliverability
While the technical aspects of email deliverability can seem daunting, there are a few simple steps that non-technical business owners can take.
First, ensure that your website’s domain is verified and that you are using a reputable email service provider. This helps internet service providers (ISPs) recognize that your emails are legitimate. Next, make it a practice to regularly update and clean your email list, removing inactive or incorrect addresses. These actions signal to ISPs that you are a responsible sender, which can significantly improve your email deliverability.

What To Do Now
For non-technical business owners, this doesn’t have to be an overwhelming task. Let’s get started together ensuring your site is optimized for engagement and that all your messages are getting through. From selecting a trusted email service provider to configuring your automated email campaigns, we can be your guide.

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